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From today until July 1 we will be presenting an ongoing and open online kids art exhibition on the event Facebook Page and Website.

How it Works:

1. Create a piece of artwork that you would love to have on the BRUHWILER KIDS SURF CLASSIC poster for the 2015 event.

2. Post a picture or scan (better) of the art on the BRUHWILER KIDS SURF CLASSIC Facebook Page. Please include the artists name, age and hometown.

3. This artwork will be randomly selected for promotion over the spring and summer and on July 1 we will randomly pick an artists name (draw) for the printed poster artwork.

4. If the artist wants to include any hand written text on the poster, please limit to 2nd ANNUAL BRUHWILER KIDS SURF CLASSIC and/or Beach Day.

5 .Please find somewhere to sign your artwork (bottom righthand side preferably, for graphic design purposes on the event poster)

6. The original piece of art can be donated for a silent auction fundraising event where the original art will be displayed and auctioned. Please drop the original art at Westside Surf School anytime.

7. Please feel free to share multiple submissions.