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Fundraising Raffle!!

Join us and our amazing sponsors in supporting SURF’S UP, a great organization that take autistic kids and their families surfing and paddle boarding in Tofino every year!!

We have some incredible prizes including a drysuit, carbon fiber paddle and a surf style paddleboard!

Tickets sales will be available for purchase Tofino Paddle Surf, Wednesday through Sunday, at the registration meeting on Friday night at the Tofino Brewery, as well as throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday at the beach, and at the awards banquet Sunday night.  The draw will take place towards the end of the evening on Sunday.

Raffle tickets will be $10.

About Surf’s Up-


 If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water. – Loran Eisley

I truly believe this and see the power behind each wave and the calming touch of the surfboard under my son’s feet. Some people get beaten by the strength of the wave crashing into the break leaving them bruised and battered. For a small and unique group the wave empowers them, strengthens them, becomes a part of them but never breaks them. This is the story of our son.

Within hours of making it to Tofino we were on the beach surfboards in hand. This is when the magic truly started. My son had never been on a surfboard but within an hour he had the waves dancing underneath his feet. It was as if the board was his other half, they had a secret language and rhythm all of their own.

They instantly understood each other unspoken words and the magic of the waves danced with him and the board, carrying them both to shore.

Please be a part of our Search. 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with Autism and it is four times more prevalent in boys. These figures are staggering and increasing at an alarming rate.

Our Mission

To provide the unique experience of surfing to the families living with Autism in a dynamic, enriching  and inclusive environment.

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