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Help Stop West Coast Oil Spill


“Lets stand united to stop the #FossilFools. #Tarsands Tankers on BC coast? See what could happen to #Tofino
Extreme weather events, such as the one that caused last summer’s flooding in Calgary, make it clear that we need to act now on climate change. Yet the fossil fuel industry has plans to keep growing five times larger than the planet can handle.If pipelines were built from the Alberta Tar Sands to the BC coast, oil tanker traffic offshore of Tofino would increase dramatically—putting the world-class wilderness beaches, wildlife, and inhabitants of Clayoquot Sound on the front lines of a major oil spill.Join us on April 1—Fossil Fools Day. Clayoquot Action is staging a mock oil spill in Tofino to show just how hard-hit coastal communities would be.
Donate a tweet or Facebook post, and let’s create a digital tidal wave coast-to-coast, to make sure an oil spill never becomes a reality.
Join Clayoquot Action in sharing this message together at the same time – automatically.