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Rollout event for the new Surf SUP and Touring SUP program in Tofino! October 6-11, 2014.

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SUP Surf & Touring Program Rollout Event in Tofino, BC this October!



Hello SUP instructors!Paddle Canada is hosting a one-time only Rollout event for the new Surf SUP and Touring SUP program in Tofino! October 6-11, 2014.

Last winter, the SUP committee developed and released new and much improved Surf and Touring programs. Each has two skill levels, two instructor levels and two instructor-trainer levels.

October 6-8 will be the Touring SUP program. Immediately following that is the Surf SUP program on October 9-11. Individuals may choose to attend one or both, based on their goals and experience. Your goals may be to achieve the instructor certification or instructor-trainer certification – each is available based on performance. Each course (Surf or Touring) costs $500.


The goal of this Rollout program is to ‘jump start’ a number of instructor-trainers and instructors so that the program can grow organically from there. We are shortening the length of the certification process for these original ITs and instructors, but we are not lowering the standards in any way. We can accommodate the shorter timeframe by inviting pre-screened candidates.

Existing Paddle Canada SUP Advanced Flatwater instructors who also have experience surfing and/or SUP Touring can apply to participate in the Rollout. SUP instructors from other certifying bodies may be considered, based on the fullness of their instructor resume.

If you are interested in helping to grow the new Surf SUP and Touring SUP programs, please reply Include you name, Paddle Canada member number, current certifications and a brief paragraph on why to want to participate. Application deadline is September 15th

More Rollout Events are being planned for Ontario and Atlantic Canada region and will be announced soon.

Thanks! Paddle safe.

SUP Program Development Committee,

Paddle Canada