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1st Annual Bruhwiler Kids Surf Classic a HUGE Success!!

For loads of photos and more info on this awesome event that saw 75 kids this first year, please visit the Facebook Event Page!


On behalf of the Bruhwiler family, we want to thank everyone that helped make the First Annual Bruhwiler Kids Surf Classic a success. Over 70 kids from all over the island, ranging from ages 11 months to 16 years old, participated in five separate divisions. Every single child got an award and prizes. This event would not have been as successful without the astonishing support of the parents, community, and businesses involved. We would like to thank Wildside Grill for donating food for everyone on the beach, as well as all the following businesses for donations:

Common Loaf Bakery, Aftanas Surfboards, SoBo, Whale Center, Tofino Air, Shelter, Jamie’s Whaling Station, Sol Maya, Wolf in the Fog, Celtic Touch Massage, Stormlight Outfitters, Bruhwiler Surf School, Tofino Sea Kayaking, Ocean Outfitters, Pacific Sands Resort, Hearts Garden Massage, Cox Bay Beach Resort, Westside Surf School, Tofino Paddle Surf, Long Beach Golf Course, Pacific Rim Chiropractics, House of Alia, Tofino Tea Bar, Sanuk, Roark Revival, RSDK, Sea Wench, Sandi Rideout,Victory Koredry, Roxy, Quiksilver, Tourism Tofino, Westerly News, District of Tofino, Tofino Times, Billabong, Dede Monette, Coastal Bliss Yoga, West Coast Nature Kids, Rain Coast Education Society, Northern Board, Tofino Soap Company , Shannon Brown Coaching, Endless Ride, Heith Thompson Photography, Storm, Live to Surf, Sure Copies Courtaney, Long Beach Surf Shop, Chocolate Tofino, Coastal BC, Sex Wax, Tofino Sea Kayaking, Jamie’s Rainforest Inn, Macdermott’s Insurance, Roy Vickers, Sandbox Helmets, Habit, Woodshed Collective, Geoff Johnson.

We would also like to extend huge thanks to all the generous volunteers and supporters for coming forward to help support this community event.

Most importantly we would like to offer our thanks and congratulations to every child that surfed in the contest.

Arkoa Kariatsumari, Azuray Dewolfe, Koen, Orion, Sawyer, Tylah Merasty, Wyatt, Ella Ahier, Arielle Besson, Mila Besson, Jeremy Bahcheli-Russell,Kayla Blake, Zoe Blake, Annabelle Boulton, Aqua Bruhwiler, Charlie Bruhwiler, Dusty Bruhwiler, Kobe Bruhwiler,Shea Bruhwiler, Sofia Bruhwiler, Kaiya Cross, Asher DeVries, Seth Findlay Dohms Chisholm, Hudson Egles-Mkinnon, Neveah Egles-Mkinnon, Sienna Egles-Mkinnon, Trinity Egles-Mkinnon, Lily Frost, Haydin Gibson, Karson Gibson, Sam Gildenhuys, Andrej Gluhovic, Shea Hersak, Kyten Holmes, Mathea Dempfle-Olin, Sanoa Dempfle-Olin, Lou Guyon Dewolfe, Keanna Hasz, Bodey Hasz, Ivy Jaques, Sholeh Kerrigan, Jai Koivunen, Nea Koivunen, Van Law, Jasper Monette, Yemaya Monette, Alexander Petch, Chloe Platenius, Reed Platenius, Jasmine Porter, Serena Porter, Sophia Rodgers, Tilly Rodgers, Jade Rosene, Tylan Ryan, Andrew Sadler, Ethan Soellner, Angus Sohier, Annie Sohier, Seth Stere, Kobe Suzuki, Iris Sylvestor, Julian Sylvestor, Sol Sylvestor, Annabella Tichkowsky, Abbi Venizelos-Warren, Justin Wadell, Zoe Venizelos-Warren, Kash Soellner Wilson..and a few groms that jumped in at the beach..

Hope to see everyone, and more, out next year!

The Bruhwilers



Under 10 Boys
1st Reed Platenius
2nd Karson Gibson
3rd Kobe Bruhwiler
4th Shea Bruhwiler
5th Ethan Soellner-Wilson
6th Kash Soellner-Wilson
Under 10 Girls
1st Sanoa Olin
2nd Jasmine Porter
3rd Aqua Bruhwiler
4th Serena Porter
5th Haydin Gibson
6th Chloe Platenius
Under 16 Boys
1st Reed Platenius
2nd Justin Waddell
3rd Mathea Olin
4th Andrew Sadler
5th Van Law
6th Kash Wilson
Under 16 Girls
1st Mathea Olin
2nd Jasmine Porter
3rd Keanna Hasz
4th Trinity Eagles-Mkinnon
5th Abbi Venizelos
6th Sofia Bruwhiler