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Downwind SUP Course – September 22

Looking for something to do on those windy summer days? Want to ‘surf’ your SUP where there aren’t many breaking waves?

Join us and guest instructor Norm Hann to experience the rush of downwind paddle boarding. It is the perfect blend of the skill and fun of surfing and the fitness and exploration of paddle boarding. These courses are designed for paddlers who want to take their SUP skills, paddling techniques, and touring, surfing or fitness to the next level. Learn surfing techniques as they pertain to downwinding, including reading winds and waves, and work on your efficient forward stroke. Learn to efficiently use the power of the wind and ocean to surf miles and miles of swell along our coasts.

“One of the best workouts you can get on a SUP” – Norm Hann

Dates: Monday, September 22, 2014, 1 pm – 4 pm

Price: $90 + GST

Includes: Instruction by Norm Hann

Prerequisite: Basic Standup Paddleboard Course or equivalent experience

  • Board and wetsuit rental packages available.
  • Includes components of gear education, safety orientation, etiquette guidelines, beach instruction and warm up and practice on the water.
  • All of the lessons and tours include an eco-educational component to encourage understanding, respect and enjoyment of nature.

*private instruction also available