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Like many of us in the community, we don’t always wait for an organized beach clean up to show our gratitude to the beach. Surfrider Pacific Rim are not only grateful to the beach, but we are grateful for you.

We see you cleaning the beach, we see you inspiring others, we see your passion for the ocean and we thank you!
Today’s walk included a collection of 50 plastics, not hunted, just spotted and easily picked up. WITH GRATITUDE to the beach for how much joy she had given me on my morning walk.
Surfrider challenge you to show your gratitude to the beach, pick up at least 10 pieces of small plastics every time you visit the beach and think of 10 things you are grateful to the beach for!

Collect in a jar, and on Earth Day the most pieces collected will win some Surfrider gratitude in the form of epic prizes.

GROMS! Take part too!!!!

Gratitude challenge begins now!