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Queen of the Peak all Female Surf Contest – this weekend Oct 5 & 6!

Check out the Queen of the Peak Website  for details, photos, and live webcast!

Check out this link for all of the awesome pre-contest events that are happening this week.

BOOM! Now go to them.

KARENJESS JEWELRY CONTEST/Wednesday night “Treat Yourself Like a Queen”  Spa night at Ancient Cedars Spa, Wick Inn

Aaaand lastly, on Wednesday night Karen and Heather Hendry of KarenJess Jewelry ( ) have invited everyone to bring their favourite seashell to submit to a contest/fundraiser wherein your seashells will go into a draw, the winner of which will receive a custom necklace cast from her shell.
Entry donation is $10 which will be donated to the Keep a Breast Foundation


If anyone is unable to come down to the beach the contest will be streamed live on the magical interwebby thanks to!!