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Results 2019 Tuff City Championships SUPTOBERFEST

a man holding a snow board on a body of water

2019 Tuff City Championships SUPTOBERFEST amazing crew and big time fun!

Thank you SO much to everyone who came and surfed (everyone was surfing so well!) and cheered and supported.

Massive thanks to Sarah Stoski @Davestoski Zak Cross ! Would not have been possible without you! Also thanks to the judges: Riley, Seth, Rusty, Liam and Jake-Of-All-Trades Collard for keeping the contest alive and thriving!

Special mention to Blu Wave SUP for the door prizes, as well as General Store Tofino and Marty Kukler for hosting the awesome awards party. Thanks to the musicians, we loved it! District of Tofino, always helpful and everyone who lent a hand and thanks to our families who support our surfing dreams:)

ps if anyone has photos please send them over or post to the event page!

Mixed Masters
1. Bertrand Gaujé
2. Johanna Gouw
3. Paul Torriero
4. Rob Ryan

Longboard Men
1. Bertrand Gaujé
2. Jake Collard
3. Norm Hann Expeditions
4. Emre Bosut
5. David Schiaffino Quinteros

Open Women
1. Catherine Bruhwiler
2. Kristy Wright Schell
3. Liz Tatchen
4. Amber Champion

Open Men
1. Jake Collard
2. Emre Bosut
3. Norman John Hann
4. Adam Schell

More photos to post soon on the Facebook event page – link here!